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You can access everything you need to prepare for the performance part of the exam in our new graded songbooks. Our Rock & Pop books are available for Initial to Grade 8 and each includes eight songs with performance hints and tips. There’s also useful background information so you can explore the story behind, and techniques used in, the songs.


Each song also comes with a downloadable backing and demo track recorded by top industry session musicians, making it easy to practise in between lessons. These can be downloaded from the SoundWise website, using the unique code on the inside back cover of your book to access your tracks. Please note: you will need to first set up your account and download your tracks via the the SoundWise website at before you will be able to access them in the SoundWise app.

Downloads FAQs

Please read the following FAQs for support on how to download your backing and demo tracks.

What is SoundWise?
SoundWise is the website where you can download the backing and demo tracks that come with each song in the Rock & Pop songbooks. You can also stream the tracks directly from the SoundWise website when connected to the internet. SoundWise also offers an app which allows you to access your pre-downloaded tracks on your iPhone and iPad. Android is not supported at this time.

Do I have to use the SoundWise iPhone or iPad app?
No, you don't have to use the SoundWise app for iPhone or iPad. You can download and access your tracks through the SoundWise website. The SoundWise app is simply another optional way to access the tracks once you have downloaded them via the website.

Do I have to pay extra for my backing tracks?
No. Once you’ve bought a Trinity Rock & Pop songbook, you can download the backing tracks for each of the songs in that book for free, using the code found on the inside cover of the book.

Where can I find my unique download code?
Each book has a unique download code printed in a shaded box on the Audio Download page, found on the inside back cover.

How do I access the tracks?
Please follow these steps to download your backing and demo track(s) from the SoundWise website:

  1. Visit using a web browser and click on ENTER YOUR CODE
  2. A new box will appear. Click SIGNUP (unless you already have an account with Soundwise). Enter your details and click SIGNUP
  3. A new box will appear. Enter the code printed on the inside cover of your Rock & Pop songbook and click ACTIVATE
  4. Your tracks will then appear in your account in your Library, where you can listen to them whilst you are connected to the internet. You can also now download all the tracks for the grade to play in your preferred media player (such as iTunes) or transfer to another device such as a mobile phone, tablet or memory stick. See ‘How do I download songs?’.

The code I’ve entered doesn’t seem to be working, what’s gone wrong?
SoundWise is case sensitive - please ensure that you are entering the capital and lower case characters as shown in your book. We are aware there has been an issue for some users around similarities between certain letters and numbers – in particular between lower case l (L) and capital i (I), and capital O and zero (0). Please double check these characters carefully. If you are still experiencing difficulty with your code please contact us.

Can I access SoundWise using any web browser?
For the best performance, we recommend using current versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, all of which we have tested. Some older web browsers (such as Internet Explorer v11 and earlier) are incompatible.

Can I access SoundWise via my tablet or smartphone?
Once you have activated your code and added your track(s) to your account via the website, you can then also access these tracks on iPads and iPhones by downloading the Soundwise app in the Apple iTunes Store and logging in to your account. Android is not supported at this time.

Please note: You can only set up a SoundWise account, activate your code and download your track(s) on the SoundWise website and not via the app. Once you have downloaded your tracks to your account using the website, you can then access these via the app by logging in to your account.


How do I download songs to transfer to iTunes or a memory stick?
From your Soundwise library, open the relevant Trinity Rock & Pop Album and choose ‘Download All’, which appears at the bottom of the song list. This will download a ZIP file to your computer, containing all the audio files for the grade in .M4A format. In most cases, double-clicking this ZIP file should open it automatically, from where the audio files can be copied to your desired location, e.g. a folder on your computer, or to a memory stick. These files can then be played offline or imported into iTunes.

Do I need internet access to download and listen to my tracks? 
Yes, if you are accessing SoundWise via the website, you need to be connected to the internet. If you are using the SoundWise app on iPhone or iPad, you can either use the internet or your mobile data. Please check your data usage before use. If you have downloaded the tracks to a computer, unzipped the file and transferred these into iTunes or another player, you will now be able to play them whenever you like without an internet connection.

Can I access my tracks on multiple devices?
Yes. You can use SoundWise on your computer, iPhone or iPad. Simply make sure you log in with the same account information. If you are using SoundWise in ‘Guest Mode’, your information will not be available and you will not be able to access your downloads. 

The SoundWise app doesn’t seem to be working, what’s gone wrong?
You can only set up a SoundWise account, activate your code and download your track(s) on the SoundWise website and not via the app. Once you have downloaded your tracks to your account using the website, you can then access these via the app.   

Is SoundWise available for the 2012-2017 Rock & Pop syllabus?
No, at this time, only backing and demo tracks for the Rock & Pop syllabus from 2018 are available to access through SoundWise.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, or if you can’t find the answer to your question here, please call Trinity on +44 (0)20 7820 6100 or email us at


If you prefer to have the backing and demo tracks on CD, you can still order a CD for each instrument/grade via our online store. All CDs are priced at £3.00 each.


Our Session Skills books fully support the Session Skills part of our exams. There are three books per instrument and each book contains preparation tips and improvising and playback examples in styles that may be encountered in the exam, as well as an audio CD of backing tracks for the example tests.




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