Grade 6

At Grade 6, you can learn about breath control over longer notes and phrases, and tone control across different registers. You’ll perform three songs and build on your Grade 5 Session skills.

Choose your songs from our song list, including one of the Technical focus songs that develop particular skills. There’s an option for you to sing your own cover version of a song or, if you’re a songwriter, one of your own songs.

You’ll find more information about how the exam works in the downloadable syllabus.


Grade 6 Vocals song list

Although we’ve organised the song lists for male and female vocalists, you can choose any song for your exam. There are two Grade 6 Vocals songbooks – one for female vocals and one for male vocals. The songbooks include everything you need for the exam – sheet music for six songs, performance tips, technical support and guidance on Session skills, together with a CD of demo and backing tracks.

Here's a selection of songs from the two songbooks. To view the full song list for Grade 6 Vocals download the Rock & Pop syllabus.

  • Bleeding Love (Female vocals) (Technical focus) Leona Lewis
  • Do You Know The Way To San Jose? (Female vocals) Dionne Warwick
  • You Got The Love (Female vocals) (Technical focus) Florence + The Machine
  • Tainted Love (Male vocals) (Technical focus) Soft Cell
  • She's Out Of My Life (Male vocals) (Technical focus) Michael Jackson
  • Neutron Star Collision (Male vocals) Muse


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Managing breath control in the bridge section

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Switching between vocal registers

Session Skills

Players choose Playback or Improvising.


You’ll perform some music you haven’t seen or heard before – you can sight-read from a song chart or sing by ear from an audio track, or both.


You’ll be given a song chart with chord symbols and song style and will improvise over a backing track.

Songs: Bleeding Love, Do You Know The Way To San Jose?, Flashdance (What A Feeling), Cannonball, I Can See Clearly Now, Neutron Star Collision


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